The Modern Homefront

“The Homefront” has been an active team since World War Two, when President Roosevelt brought together a team of relatively unknown heroes to manage the ‘war at home’ after deploying the best and brightest Superhero assets to the European and Pacific theaters. Originally meant as little more than a propaganda tactic, the Homefront proved remarkably able, and after remarkable valor in a special assignment that remains classified to this day, the Homefront became a fixture of the American zeitgeist.

The Homefront has been active for over sixty years now, and has engaged in an actively changing roster – members rarely stay for more than a handful of years, due in no small part to the team being actively sponsored by the US government (and the chafing inherent in working in such a high-profile, and highly political, environment.)

The Homefront, ironically, is even more a propaganda board now than it was in the forties – its members are frequently deployed across the continental United States to help deal with developing crises, and their exploits are invariably subject to heavy media exposure.

Their current roster includes:

  • The Patriot (III): The third in line to carry the title of “The Patriot”, The Patriot III is the definite frontman of the Homefront. Always careful to never step too far towards one political extreme or the other, the Patriot expends his considerable charisma instead extolling Freedom of opinion, speech, and the pursuit of liberty and justice for all. Incredibly strong and fast, the Patriot’s reputation is more or less entirely unimpeachable, and he has been on the Modern Homefront for twenty years – the longest standing member ever – because of it.
  • Tetravolt: A controversial choice for the Homefront, the electricity manipulator Tetravolt is the first openly gay member of the “Country’s #1 Team”. A young and brash hero, Tetravolt has used his increased media profile to try and champion gay rights.
  • Cyclone: A weather controller from Pennsylvania, Cyclone has had an impeccable record as a member of the Homefront, but after six years on the team she has begun to slow down, and has made statements of considering retirement from the roster.
  • Sgt. Steel: The Cyborg Commando has been on and off the Homefront roster since the eighties, erratically staying and withdrawing from the team in two-to-three year intervals. There are rumors – never substantiated – that he has been earmarked at each of these juntures for special black-ops missions for the Government.
  • Psypher: Young and dashingly handsome, the telekine known as Psypher has become the team’s resident heartthrob, even in an increasingly jaded nation. Demonstrating immense psychic power, its speculated that Psypher may be the world’s most potent telekenetic mind.
  • Elite: Formerly laying claim to the mantle of the Champion until he ran into trouble with that famed hero’s estate, Elite is an aggressive, cocksure and very strongly opinionated superhero with something to prove. A constant source of friction on the team, Elite has stayed on the roster through sheer virtue of power – and thanks to his flight, effective invulnerability, and immense strength, he may very well be the most powerful member of the Homefront.
  • Statuesque: The newest member of the Homefront is another controversial choice as a practicing Muslim, Statuesque has nevertheless proven her mettle quite well thus far. Able to shift into a living rock-like material and grow to an imposing thirty feet in height, Statuesque is quickly becoming the cornerstone of the team’s group operations.

The Modern Homefront

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