Iron Guardians

Founded in the late 70’s, the Iron Guradians were Ironport’s premier superhero team and one of the East Coast’s “Big 3”. They had an impressive track record and were very popular in their hometown, but ultimately collapsed thanks to terrible luck and internal friction, disbanding in 1995 when Cosmo Guardian, the glue who had held the team together for twenty-odd years, finally succumbed in his battle with AIDS.

The team’s final roster is as follows:

Cosmo Guardian – Deceased (11/29/95)
Ironheart – Deceased (6/15/01)
Bottlerocket – Retired
Crimson Dragon – MIA
Flame Emerald – Retired
The Clockwork Lady – Destroyed/Deceased (12/31/99)
Captain Photon – Retired
Grey Hood – MIA

The Iron Guardians were Headquartered in the Arthur Goodwright building in downtown Ironport, unofficially called “Iron Hall”. The building was destroyed utterly in 2009 during a rampage of the team’s old archnemisis, King Chaos, and the area has yet to be fully rebuilt, stuck perpetually in half-finished construction projects.

There is a small memorial to the team in Franklin city park, on the outskirts of Ironport.

Iron Guardians

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