Glossary of Terms


“Superhuman” – A catch-all term for anyone with abilities outside the norm, whether or not they are superhuman in origin or not. See also: “Parahuman”


  • Mutant: Anyone whose powers are encoded at the genetic level. Most Mutants are born with their power, but some may come to pass due to experimentation or accidents. “Mutant” can be non-PC, some people prefer “Heightened” or “Enhanced” (Though these descriptors have their own problems)
  • Supernatural: Anyone whose powers defy scientific explanation – the purview of Magic, Demons, Ghosts, etc.
  • Divine: Arguably a subset of Supernatural, individuals with Divine power seem to draw their abilities from extra-dimensional entities calling themselves deities.
  • Technological: Powers created through scientific, and usually mechanical, means, from battlesuits to hard-light VR constructs.
  • Trained: ‘Powers’ that aren’t even powers at all, but rather natural, superior abilities brought about through realizing human potential after intense training.

Superhero/Supervillian: Cape, Mask, Flyboy, Freak

Glossary of Terms

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